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Iryna kutsenko

Demo Reel

Demo Reel


About Acting

About Acting

Iryna began her acting career as a writer. She has published 4 novels. Two short films have been made based on her novels. One of them took a prize for it's script on the movie festival "Molodist" in Kiev, Ukraine. Iryna acted in both novel-based shorts an an actress and a screenwriter.

Iryna studied at the legendary Ivana Chubbuck Actors Studio in Los Angeles, California. She is acting in music videos, short films and growing her special skills for upcoming action film projects.



  • Short film “My mr.Destiny or 9 month”, LEAD, Bonnie & Clyde production house and Vladjo Production House, Kiev

  • Short film, based on my novel “KARAKULI”, LEAD and screenwriter, Kiev 

  • Commercial “Grand Cru - in vino véritas”, LEAD and screenwriter, Kiev

  • Music-video “Druga Rika “Probach”, Supporting, Kiev

  • Music-video “Uran “Napishu”, Supporting, Kiev

  • Poem-video, Author and Supporting, Nice

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